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John Slattery from MAD MEN

A newly survey can tell, that Gen-Y are hitting Like Buttons on Facebook and others sits more often then the Silver surfers dos.

SocialCode ho has made the survey, can tell in there conclusions how age and gender affect click through rates (CTR). It shows that the 50+ age group are 28% more likely to click on an ad on Facebook than those in the 18 to 29 age bracket are. The 50+ group clicks Like 9 % less likely than the younger age group it’s compared too.

How dos the brands on Facebook using the this knowledge?

According to Tnooz.com another study, carried out earlier this year by digital think tank l2thinktank.com, showed that traffic to travel branded sites fell 8% year-on-year while the community around travel brands on Facebook grew 20%. It’s a major rise in active user integration. And it shows, that the “new” social consumer are ready to communicate with brands, there are telling something about them as persons.

Why is this survey so interesting?

I will say, that it’s important because the study help advertisers to improve there online targeting through a better understanding of consumer and there reaction on banners, Likes and social behaviour –  but it also demonstrate the increasing influence of social media on all ages, and how the advertisers must see Gen-Y´s, Gen-Z and the Silver surfers.


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