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You’ve probably already heard it on Mashable, TEC or another big tec or social media blogs. The new update for LinkedIn’s APP v. 4.0 is out – We normally don’t write about updates on Advertisingparadigm (#adpara) – but this one deserve a proper comment!

The Usability is very intuitive and I whirly enjoy the way I can navigate in the App. Much easier to find updates, to post updates to your network, to brows for related connections and so on. The main page you are seeing when you are hitting the LinkedIn button is four screens: “Updates”, “You”, “Inbox” and “Groups & More”.

Haven´t you downloaded it yet you can do it here: LinkedIn v4.0

I Don´’t know how much you’re using LinkedIn in your daily work? I’m using it allot and with great success. If you do not yet use LinkedIn (online or on your Smart Phone) why not let this blog post be you’re call to try it out?

If you want to read more about how you are getting success with the use of LinkedIn, you can click on the link (The post is written in Danish): LinkedIn – og hva´så? En lille guide til hvordan du bruger netværket effektivt! 

The new App is made in HTML5, and shows all the great importunities there are by using HTML5. One of the down sides there are with these update is, that LinkedIn still don’t have made a tablet version ( e.g. iPad) – in a world where MAC hits launch of the iPad 3, I too can’t understand it.


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