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One Of UK’s biggest dairy corporations have made a very funny and different product launch to their new product called FRijj. The campaign is a viral, and invites you to compete with your friends – if you are clever you pick out the Giggliest person among your friends – why, because you’ll win.

It’s all about which flavour will tickle your funny bone, as it says on the campaign site.

The Incredible’ range features three new flavours:

– Honeycomb choc swirl

– Jam doughnut

– Sticky toffee pudding.

For each flavour the brand has designed a character and their packaging directs consumers to its Facebook page to find out more about them.


This campaign, witch was brought to my attention by Hanne Klintø (@hanneklintoe), is a funny way to execute a viral campaign for the young kids (I think). Partly because it’s harmless and partly because the footage is already films you might known and properly have seen in another context on YouTube, or because one of your friends have e-mailed you one of these movies. The quite cool thing about this viral strategy is, that they are using already known footage and using it in the strategy of exposing you for all ready knows footage and already Positively experience – I’ll think It might work especially towards children who like repetitions. It might not be the most flattering strategy to use towards the target group.

How does the campaign site  work? Players are challenged to keep a straight face while watching amusing YouTube videos, a facial recognition technology detects when the player smiles or laughs.

The mash-up below shows you how the campaign site works in real life – and how it’s to participate in the viral campaign.

According to the site Dairy Crest, they will also launch a free Pet Translator iPhone app later this month – there is a count down function, that shows how long there is to launch day, on the campaign site.

Maybe you too wish to visit the FRijj campaign site – you can visit it here: frijjtheincredible.co.uk/

The campaign is made by Grey London – all the ad activity will direct consumers to the special made Facebook site


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