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Her til aften, har der været skrevet, Tweetet, Facebook updatet i vildskab om den nye iPhone release, som mange af os ventede på. Det blev så en iPhone 4S

Vil du se den fulde infographic, så følg dette link, for den er langt mere dynamisk og involverende, end den du har set her på bloggen – iPhone History: The Story So Far [INFOGRAPHIC]


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We are seeing them all over the Internet; The Infographics. People are creating them, when there are a need for show ex. Social media vs. offline media, Twitter vs. Facebook etc. They are funny, and it’ s possible for the audience to get a quick vue over the current media landscape, getting a quick overview over a lot of numbers and graphs.



If you don’t have graphic design and photoshop skills they are quite hard to design – I’m one of these guys . I definitely don’t have that graphic design skills. BUT, now it’s possible to make your own Infographic over your LinkedIn profile – it’s  easy, you just tab in your e-mail adress, and when you’r receiving the e-mail in your inbox you can make the Infographic – it takes approximately 10 sec. Klick on vizualize.me and try it!

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