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I have had several jobs in the strategical communication industry. Today I´m working as Digital Dialog Director at Republica A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here I work with Direct -, Dialog Marketing, CRM and online (social media) strategies - and doing a lot of new-bizz and client development. My primary interest are Communication, Marketing, Dialog- and Direct Marketing and Social Medias. I have a master degree in mediascience from SDU (07), Odense in Denmark. I also have a degree in Multimedia design(03) and a diploma degree from IAA (Integratet marketcommunication, 09). I like to run outside, it gives me a lot of inspiration in my daily work. I like art, specially Bauhaus art (1919-1933) and the COBRA modernists. Follow me on Twitter: @graeser My e-mail: martingraeser@hotmail.com Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/martingraeser

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