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I've got an urge to say what I mean and I'm kean on debate - on a serious and matter-of-fact level. I've got a huge interest in the evolution of media and how it influences on our everyday life - both from the consumer's and the markteer's point of view. I believe in integrated communication - the ultimate business communication strategy is build on dialogue, relevance and creative thinking. The surpreme business solution merge efficiency and creativeness - It's not an antithesis! Present day, I work at QXL Ricardo Denmark A/S in Copenhagen (the largest online auction site in Denmark) as Online Marketing Manager. My job is to decide which online activities to focus on to get results. Important areas are CRM, Direct marketing, social media, PR & SEO/SEM. I've been working with digital solutions for some years now. Lastly, as communication consultant at Responsive A/S - an ad agency in Copenhagen (almost 3 years). I've got a Bachelor Degree in International Business Communication and a Master Degree in Arts and Media Science from the University of Southern Denmark (2001 - 2007). Furthermore I got a Diploma degree in Marketing at the IAA (Internationel Advertising Association) in 2009.

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